The Romanov Art Gallery

Krasnoyarsk region

Contact information

Krasnoyarsk, Academician Vavilov ul., building 27a

Tel.: +7 (391) 240-61-32, +7 (391) 273-48-48, +7 (983) 165-82-35



Operating hours

Tue – Sun: 12:00–19:00

Sat: admission is free

Mon: Closed

Ticket price

Visit – free

Excursion – 300 rubles per hour

Master class – 500 rubles per hour

The museum founder / director

Valentina Alexandrovna Romanova



About museum

In 2019, The Romanov Art Gallery turned 10 years old. Over those 10 years, its style and image was formed and its role was determined not only in the culture of the city of Krasnoyarsk and the Siberian region, but also in the Russian gallery space. Collecting in Siberia is a relatively young phenomenon which is characterized by the slow development of the art market and weak cultural ties between the regions. Therefore the formation of each gallery is a path into the unknown, not always ending with flowers and laurels. It is all the more pleasant that at present private galleries, as cultural institutes, are becoming an integral and important part of Siberia’s life and The Romanov Art Gallery firmly occupies a significant place in it.

In fact, The Romanov Art Gallery is a different type of museum, where the main emphasis is not on making a profit, although its owner, Valentina Aleksandrovna Romanova, has a degree in business. The main activities of the gallery are focused on the acquisition of its own funds, the development of the regional art process, scientific and publishing projects, and the development of the viewer’s artistic taste. One of its priorities is exhibition activity: gallery employees organize about 250 exhibitions annually in Russia and abroad (in Italy, France, Slovenia, Turkey, China, South Korea, etc.). The gallery participates in all-Russian art projects (Art-Russia, Art-Perm, Art-Novosibirsk, Art-Krasnoyarsk, etc.) and co-organizes symposia of various levels (“Gift of Fire”, “Apple Feast of the Savoir Day”, etc.). The Romanov Art Gallery also sees its perspective in the creation of a center for contemporary art, uniting artists, collectors, and art lovers in Krasnoyarsk.

The Romanov Art Gallery is a hospitable place where you can meet and chat with like-minded people, talk about contemporary art, and discuss the work or creativity of individual artists (about 70,000 people visit the gallery annually). Moreover, in the gallery you can purchase your favorite work of art without doubting its authenticity or professional level. The collection of the Romanov Art Gallery contains museum-level works that have escaped this fate only because financial situations do not always allow state institutions to acquire them. But their existence in a private gallery is the key to their accessibility both to the scientific community of art historians, cultural experts, and artists, and to the lovers of fine art.

Currently, there are more than 2500 works of paintings, graphic art, sculpture, decorative and applied art, photography, and children’s drawings in the funds of the art gallery. The collection covers the period from 1940 to the present.

Tatyana Kubanova, candidate of culturology, leading specialist of the Russian Museum, and member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.