House of Artist Museum by Sergei Kharchenov

Krasnoyarsk region

Contact information

Yeniseisk, ul.Khudzinsky, building 32

Tel.: +7 (983) 287-16-58


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 18:00 and by appointment

Ticket price

Entrance ticket with a guided tour and a brief master class:

– Adults – 250 rubles

– Children (from 12 years old) and students – 100 rubles

The cost of classes is considered individually

Founder of the museum (Owner)

Sergei Mikhailovich Harchenov



About museum

The idea came about to open an exhibition hall on the squares of our private residential building, as long as there was enough space for the paintings.

The exhibition and sale of paintings and souvenirs based on authors’ works (vinyl magnets, booklets, calendars and so on) was organized. Master classes on painting are held with the assistance of the visitor and the artist. The basics of painting, improving the level of painting skills, and custom portrait painting are taught.

The museum’s exposition includes various genres of paintings and watercolor graphics: landscape, urban landscape, still life, portrait, surrealism, and other genres.