Private museum of ceramics and paintings by Yuri Novikov

Krasnodar region

Contact information

Sochi, Krasnodar territory, ul. Leselidze, building 37/1

Tel.: +7 (918) 407-96-52


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Visit with a tour – 500 rubles

Masterclasses – 1000 rubles

Founder of the museum

Yuri Michaelovich Novikov (1946-2018), a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia, the winner of the Leonardo medal, the gold medal of the Russian Record Book, and a nominee of the Guinness Book of Records

Director and owner of the museum

Natalia Barsukova, a doctor of art history, professor, and member of both the Association of Art Historians and the Designers Union of Russia



About museum

The museum was established in 1999 in Sochi on the basis of the personal creative workshop of a member of the Artists Trade Union of Russia, Y. M. Novikov, and a member of the Designers Trade Union of Russia, N. I. Barsukova. The founder of the museum, Yuri Novikov, is one of Russia’s leading experts in the field of artistic ceramics, a well-known ceramic artist with a bright individual handwriting, and a student of A. Leporskaya. He is a prominent representative of the St. Petersburg school of ceramics, the head of the group reconstruction of unique tile stoves from the 18th century in the Grand Palace of Peterhof (1976-1984), diploma holder of many Russian and international forums and symposiums, and a participant of more than 100 international and all-Russian exhibitions.

More than 50 articles and monographs about the work of Y. Novikov have been written, and more than 20 films have been shot. Some works by Y. Novikov are in the collections of many domestic and foreign museums, galleries, and private collections. The private museum of ceramics and paintings by Yuri Novikov’s works are presented most fully and they are shown in the context of Russian tile art, the compositions of Italian majolica and suprematism, as well as the development of the author’s artistic ceramics from the 20th century.

There are about 6,000 units of the artist-ceramist Yuri Novikov original works in the technique of “Majolica” with underglaze painting: dishes, layers, vases, decorative panels, and sculpture. These include the 20th century world record in the category “the highest tiled stove in the world”, with a height of 6.01 meters, made in the Peter the first style of palace furnaces from the 18th century.