OLGIZ – the territory of creativity

Krasnodar region

Contact information

Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Krasnaya Polyana resort, ul. February, building 1, Gorki Panorama Hotel, 2nd floor, separate entrance

Tel.: +7 (938) 439-02-34, +7 (938) 471-90-57, +7 (918) 301-08-86

E-mail: salon-olgiz@yandex.ru

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Operating hours

Daily from 11:00 to 21:00

Ticket price

Entrance – 250 rubles

Master classes from 500 rubles

Founder and owner of the museum

Olga Boyko

Director of the museum

Vladimir Boyko



About museum

It all started with a folding table with ceramics on it made by two masters from Minsk, where my family and I moved from in 1998. The collection expanded very fast, and in 2003, we ventured to rent a room and open a salon. At that time we had already exhibited about 100 artists’ works. Krasnaya Polyana is a tourist area; therefore, we have never had a shortage of unique items.

More than once we changed premises in search of a more convenient place. Now we are located at the two leading resorts of Krasnaya Polyana: the ceramics workshop with the OLGIZ art studio at Rosa Khutor Resort and the OLGIZ-the territory of creativity with 430 sq. m at Krasnaya Polyana. When you come here, you can’t help but leave worldly vanity and all problems behind. Unusual sounds of ceramic flutes, the smell of juniper, a variety of items made from ceramics, leather, wood, and other materials create an atmosphere of joy and peace.

You not only can admire the masterpieces of folk art in this place, but you can also buy an exhibit. You can be inspired by the works of the masters and try yourself in different crafts. Classes on the potter’s wheel, on hand modeling from clay, painting, ceramic floristry, felting from wool, jewelry making, and many other classes are conducted by experienced masters.

The museum’s collection includes original works by more than 500 artists and masters of applied art from all Russian cities and neighboring countries. We have juniper furniture, many paintings in different genres and techniques, highly artistic carvings on mammoth Tusk, walrus tusk and elk horn, ceramic tableware, including in-house productions, dolls, jewelry made from natural minerals, and textiles. We also have a unique collection of hand-made musical instruments, whose unusual sounds can be heard by everyone who visits.