The “Snow Maiden’s Tower” exhibition and entertainment center

Kostroma region

Contact information

Kostroma, Ul. Lagernaya, building 38

Tel: +7 (494) 242-66-42


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Interactive tour on the tower with a doll house presentation:

-Adults – 250 rubles

-Children – 175 rubles

Visiting the ice room:

-Adults – 320 rubles

-Children – 160 rubles

Founder and owner of the museum

Mikhail Konstantinovich Popov

Director of the museum

Sergey Vladimirovichem Stupakov



About museum

The “Snow Maiden’s Tower” as a reception facility in Kostroma was opened on the initiative of businessman Mikhail Popov. By this time, the region was actively promoting the “Kostroma – the Birthplace of Snow Maiden” tourist brand, but there were no real thematic objects. In 2007, the “Snow Maiden” theme hotel and the new year’s “Metelitsa” restaurant were opened. In 2008, a fairy-tale tower was opened on the territory of the “Snow Maiden” complex. Almost immediately, the facility became one of the most visited in Kostroma, was recognized as the best program, and was included in many tours of Kostroma.

For visitors of any age, the “Snow Maiden’s Tower” offers interactive excursions with fairy-tale characters, game programs, and wedding and corporate programs. The unique Ice room, where the temperature is below freezing all year round, attracts many visitors, and they are invited to put on the “zipuns” shoes and taste the ice drinks for adults and children there.

The fairy-tale interiors of the “Snow Maiden’s Tower” are filled with magic and a real new year’s miracle. In the puppet theatre you will have an opportunity to see the tale about the “Snow Maiden”, in the upper room you can talk to the fabulous characters through the magic mirror, in the hall of Slavic mythology you can learn a lot of interesting things, and in the room of wonders you will be absolutely surprised by the children’s creative works.