The Kostroma Merchant Museum

Kostroma region

Contact information

Kostroma, Engels ul., building 36/19

Tel.: +7 (494) 247-00-91, +7 (910) 958-94-82



Operating hours

from 10:00 to 16:00

by prior request

from 9:00 to 19:00

Mon: day off

Ticket price

Full ticket – 200 rubles

Discount ticket – 70 rubles

Family ticket (2 adults + 1-2 children) – 400 rubles

Excursion groups price:

– up to 10 people – 300 rubles

– 11-15 people – 500 rub

– 16-30 people – 1,000 rub

– 31-45 people – 2,000 rub

The founder (director) of the museum

Alexander Borisovich Popikov



About museum

I learned that my ancestors were merchants from talking with my relatives. I was interested in who these merchants were. I read a lot of historical literature, got acquainted with the local history experts, historians, and merchant dynasties descendants, and learned the way of life, originality, traditions, and history. I began to compile and collect items from trades, commerce, family life, etc. Gradually the collection was replenished, and the idea arose to create a museum. I wanted to show and describe these objects to people who are interested in history, local history, and merchants. So, on April 27, 2017, the Kostroma merchant Museum was opened.

There are four halls in the Kostroma merchant Museum:

Hall 1 – “Sleigh-yard” – a collection of sledges and carts;

Hall 2 – “Merchants’ weighing equipment”, a stove with an oven fork – an obligatory attribute of a house;

Hall 3 – the history of Kostroma and the merchants;

Hall 4 – the hall of merchants Lavrovs and Balins.