“Petrovskaya Toy” Museum of Folk Crafts

Kostroma region

Contact information

Kostroma, ul. May 1, building 24

Tel.: +7 (494) 247-20-66

E-mail: pimanova.s@yandex.ru


Operating hours

Daily from 09:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Adult ticket – 100 rubles,

Children – 50 rubles,

Tour service – 350 rubles,

Masterclass (magnet) – 150 rubles,

Masterclass (whistle) – 350 rubles.

The founder of the museum

Svetlana Alexandrovna Pimanova



About museum

The two master-enthusiasts of the “Petrovskaya Toy” Museum of Folk Crafts created wonderful works in one workshop. They successfully sold their works, conducted the research and study of pottery finishing in Petrovsky village of the Kostroma region, looked for residents, and wrote stories about the ancient craft. The “Petrovsky” whistle, for example, turned out to be a real mystery. People brought toys from other regions from their travels. In libraries, they searched for and studied the materials about the Russian toy industries.

As a result, over several years, a large collection of their own works was gathered, brought from the travels-whistles, many of which eventually became a rarity, due to the stories related to them. Collectors, who often wanted to see more than the souvenirs on the counter at the walls of the Ipatiev Monastery, where one of the masters, Mikhail, had been working in the craft industry for about 30 years and had been selling his toys there, also showed interest in the works of the masters. This is how the idea of the opening of the museum appeared.

The museum operates as a traditional workshop of ancient craft. The visitors, while listening to the guide, are immersed in the world of sounds, myths, and legends, remembering the history of our ancestors, their culture, customs, and rituals. The museum hosts masterclasses on making whistles and painting ceramics. Under the guidance of experienced craftsmen, anyone can make a duck, horse, cuckoo, or rooster figure and join the traditional folk culture.

Sincere, creative people are waiting for you in the “Petrovskaya Toy” Museum of Folk Crafts every day.