Museum of the Russian Teapot

Kostroma region

Contact information

Kostroma, building 12A, Sovetskaya street

Tel.: +7 (920) 644-99-10


Operating hours

By appointment

Daily from 13:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

Adult ticket – 200 rubles

Students and pensioners – 100 rubles

Preschool children – free

Founder and owner of the museum

Roman Alexandrovich Lukoyanov



About museum

The museum was organized as a hobby. The owner of this museum travels a lot and always brings a “teapot”, as a souvenir, from different trips, and not just a simple teapot, but a special teapot from a local factory, plant, or workshop; It is not a new one, but one with a mark of history.

Activities of the museum: organization of excursions and tea parties with local sweets.

The museum’s collection contains more than 100 items – porcelain, ceramic and metal products spanning one hundred years of history.