Gypsy Culture and Life Museum

Kostroma region

Contact information

Kostroma, ul. Kozueva, building 3/46

Tel.: +7 (494) 250-17-34, +7 (961) 007-20-60


Operating hours

From 13:00 to 18:00

Monday – Tuesday: closed

Ticket price

Children, students

Pensioners – 100 rubles

Adults – 150 rubles

Excursions – 300 rubles

Founder of the museum

Sergey Borisovich Andreev



About museum

The head of the Kostroma regional public organization “Association of Gypsies”, Sergey Andreev, came up with the idea of creating the only Gypsy Culture and Life Museum in Russia. It took 9 years to gather the collection for the exhibition.

Every nation, no matter how small it is, is able to make a significant contribution to the common treasury of culture.

The gypsies are diverse people, which have number of sub-ethnic groups. This is a nation that is scattered all over the world, whose representatives belong to various religious concessions and even speak different languages.