The Vyatka Museum of the Samovar

Kirov region

Contact information

Kirov, Volodarskogo St., 99A

Tel.: +7 (8332) 47-21-60, +7 (8332) 46-46-60



Operating hours

Daily from 10.00 to 19.00

Ticket price

Children – 100 rubles

Adults – 250 rubles

Master-class – 500 rubles

Founder of the museum

Komarov Yevgeny Nikolaevich



About museum

After many years of restoration work, the founder of the museum came up with the idea to tell his city about the famous countrymen who raised the samovar craft on the Vyatka land.

The museum includes several unique collections – Russian and Vyatka samovars, as well as doll tea sets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Soviet porcelain, Soviet perfume, Vyatka chests and other things. In total, the collection comprises about 4 500 items.

There is a working photo zone, as well as a souvenir shop and tea buffet. the Museum is a member of the Union of Museums of Russia.