Khlynov History Museum

Kirov region

Contact information

Kirov, Herzen ul., building 15c

Tel.: +7 (833) 271-19-61


Operating hours

Mon: Closed

Tue – Sat: from 10:00 to 18:00

Sun: from 10:00 to 16:00

Ticket price

Full – 200 rubles

Discount ticket (schoolchildren, students, senior citizens, children under 7 years old) – 150 rubles, (upon presentation of a student ID or retiree ID).

Excursion – 500 rubles

Master classes – from 150 rubles

The museum founder

Valery Ivanovich Fedyaev (June 4, 1961 – May 5, 2019)

The museum manager

Natalya Vadimovna Gordeeva



About museum

The museum collection was born from the museum founder Valery Ivanovich Fedyaev’s passion with the history of the Vyatka region. The archival materials research, work in museum funds, and participation in expeditions all made it possible to create a museum based on the history and culture of the Khlynovo period, especially since the museum itself is located on the territory that previously housed a 17th century inn in Khlynov.

The Khlynov History Museum is located in the historical part of the city, along the main excursion routes, and is dedicated to the history of the medieval city of Khlynov, the predecessor of Vyatka and modern Kirov.

A rich museum events program will provide varied and interesting leisure activities for adults, adolescents, and kids. But the most important thing is that our museum is “alive”: almost any exhibit can be picked up, viewed, and photographed with, which allows the visitor to memorize the introduction to the history of Khlynov.

In addition to the excursions for organized groups, thematic classes are held on the basis of the museum’s collection, as well as quests, festivities, the opportunity to organize and conduct a themed birthday and corporate holiday, and photo and video shooting. According to the preliminary applications, the museum holds various master classes aimed at studying and introducing the traditional types of folk art.

The Exposition:

The museum’s exposition covers several centuries of the ancient city of Khlynov’s history (later Vyatka, and now Kirov) from its inception until 1780. The museum exhibits recreate the image of a medieval city: here you can see a film about the city’s founding, many maps, a magnificent diorama for the development of the Vyatka land, mock-ups, a full-length warrior-ushkuynik, a Khlynov dweller, weapons reconstruction, materials on alleged underground passages, lists of miraculous icons from Vyatka history, a recreated interior of a peasant’s izba, an exposition on Vyatka folk crafts, and much more.

A souvenir shop operates in the Museum, where you can buy the famous products of Vyatka handicrafts, and gifts with the symbols of the city and the museum at the most affordable prices in the city.