Museum of the Industrial and Technical Heritage of the Far East

Khabarovsk region

Contact information

Khabarovsk region, Khabarovsk city, Dzhambula St., 54, garage cooperative

Tel.: +7 (924) 413-33-98


Operating hours

by arrangement

Ticket price

As agreed, guided tour/photoshoot in the garage and the room for an hour – 1000 rubles.

For more than 5 people – 2000 rubles.

For journalists, registered mass media, bloggers with a wide audience, employees of Soviet industry enterprises on presentation of a certificate, labour veterans, and “friends” with similar collections/museums – free admission. Digitisation services, film screenings, exhibitions, etc. – free of charge if we are interested.

Museum founder

Social movement “The Industrial Past of the Far East”

Owner and director of the museum

Sidorkin Alexander Pavlovich



About museum

At the moment, the museum itself is only in the process of being established – due to the lack of permanent building. By the summer of 2023, the plan is to fit out the first museum hall… in the garage, if the premises cannot be agreed upon with the region or the city. Although the museum is still in the process of being established, there are already more than enough unique exhibits and historical materials. And the “basic storage of funds” in the form of a room in a flat, a garage and two summer houses is not bad either. Besides, the museum is one entity with another private museum association, the Khabarovsk Computer Museum, which also has sufficient storage space and even a temporary rented area for an exhibition at the A. M. Gorky Plant (unfortunately, there is no heating during the winter period).

The history of the museum dates back to the childhood of its founder, industrial tourist and local lore expert A.P. Sidorkin, who became interested first in history, then in local history, and later in “stalking”, and began collecting information about Soviet industrial sites – at first about disappearing bankrupt ones, then about operating ones also and further about those that ceased their existence a long time ago. A group of like-minded people was formed.

The team connected with the theme and in particular its “informal” leader A.P. Sidorkin is interested in everything that is left of the former greatness of the gone Soviet epoch: industrial, scientific and technical heritage, civil defense and military-industrial complex objects, retro equipment and monumental art. Everything that seemed familiar and familiar yesterday is now rapidly disappearing. To have time to find it, see it with your own eyes and make it into a souvenir and thus preserve the history – these are the main goals of this new social movement.

The virtual photo and video archive posted on social networks in the ‘Industrial Past of the Far East’ group has begun to be supplemented with real life artifacts and unique exhibits.

After participation in competition “The Best Keeper of the History of Khabarovsk”, public recognition at a city level and realisation that the accumulated material is really rich (and what has not become a private collection and is still gathering dust in departmental museums, workshops and offices of our enterprises and institutions which are under constant threat of destruction needs to be rescued immediately) the decision to create a Museum of Industrial and Technical Heritage of the Far East was accepted as soon as possible.