Vyatichi Museum

Kaluga region

Contact information

Ryabinovskaya Ul., Building 7, Yukhnov, Kaluga oblast

Tel.: +7 (495) 792-40-70

E-mail: info@uhnovgrad.ru


Operating hours

Every day 10:00 – 17:00

Ticket price


Museum founder, owner, and director

Alexey Nikolayevich Kuznetsov



About museum

Museums were created as important infrastructure objects of the Yukhnovgrad Rural Tourist Complex. The Yukhnovgrad Rural Tourist Complex is a stylized village of 50 wooden cottages designed in the neo-Russian style and intended for recreation. The Vyatichyky Museum and the Museum of Russian life, along with other infrastructure facilities of Yukhnovgrad, create an attractive tourist atmosphere and provide an opportunity for a useful pastime on vacation. The Vyatichi Museum presents an archaeological collection of handicrafts and everyday life of the Eastern Slavs of the Vyatichi tribal union and their neighbours in the Uupper Pooch region during the 12th–15th centuries. The museum’s exhibition will be especially interesting for residents of the Moscow region and the Central Nonblack Soil Zone, since the Vyatichi and the Volga Finno-Ugric tribes are the direct ancestors of Moscow peoples. The collection includes women’s and men’s jewellery, amulets, tools, weapons, and coins that were in circulation during this period. The exhibition is decorated with models of a residential building and the Vyatichi castle reconstructed By T. Nikolskaya.