The “Fiefdom” museum of Russian life

Kaluga region

Contact information

Kaluga Region, Babyninsky district, the Mordvinovo village, p/o Svyaz Muromtsevo

Tel.: +7 (910) 911-48-48, +7 (920) 616-48-48, +7 (980) 514-56-24


Operating hours

From the 1st of June to the 31st of August

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 200 rubles

Children and seniors – free

Founder of the museum (Owner/Director)

Sergey Ivanovich Nelyubov



About museum

In 2003, having acquired a large plot of land outside the city, having a wish to live in harmony with nature, and thinking about spiritual and moral improvement and environmental lifestyle, our family began to study the history of its native land and the life of rural residents. When I started building a house (and it was a wooden frame), I realized that I didn`t have the knowledge that our ancestors possessed. Then a bright idea appeared in my head: “The museum can teach people a lot. Only the “living” objects of those distant centuries and the knowledge of crafts will help us to know the past, so that we can confidently enter the future.” The collections of our museum are replenished with new exhibits every year.

Unlike other museums, you can touch everything with your hands: twist the hand millstones, carve a live fire with a flint piece, light a splinter on the light, feel like a real warrior, holding a Slavic battle axe in your hand, and, of course, take a photo with your favorite exhibit. Each museum has its own image and its own spirit. The “Fiefdom” museum of Russian life preserves the atmosphere of a welcoming home, where every visitor is always welcome. Meeting with history in nature, away from the city noise, will make your stay especially pleasant!

Why is the museum called the “Fiefdom”? Fiefdom is a type of land property in Russia during the 10th – 17th centuries, which belonged to a family since ancient times and could be left as an inheritance, bought, or sold. Therefore, most of the museum’s exposition is connected with the earth and human life on this earth.