Kolodesi Museum (Well Museum)

Kaluga region

Contact information

Kaluga oblast, Sukhinichesky district, Kolodesi-1 village

Tel.:+7 (961) 122-55-7

Operating hours

09:00-19:00 daily

Ticket price

entrance ticket – 300 roubles/person.

guided tour – 500 roubles/person.

Founder, owner and director of the museum

Gerasikin Vladimir Aleksandrovichv

About museum

The idea to create the collection came about six years ago, when Vladimir Alexandrovich Gerasikin began visiting various Russian museums. Having worked as a CNC machine operator at the Khrunichev factory in Moscow for many years, Vladimir has mastered a rare and important craft; he loves working with metal, and is able to spot important and delicate details, invisible to other people at first glance. Today, a collection of exhibits collected by Vladimir Geraskin is ready and waiting for its first connoisseurs in the Kolodesi Museum. There is a charge for museum visits and guided tours, but the price does not matter, as visiting the museum is just as important as learning the history of your own country.

The collection of unique exhibits created and restored by Vladimir Geraskin, who is endlessly devoted to his work: unique ancient machine tools, starting with one of the first German-French lathes of the 19th century; rare restored anchors, where the anchor of General Electric takes pride of place; a beautiful, but still unfinished artifact of a huge wheel, consisting of old metal wheels from different eras. Overall, Vladimir’s collection consists of over 2,000 unique historical objects collected and restored by his talented hands.