“Unique Kalmykia” museum


Contact information

Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, City Chess, 19

Tel.: +7 (905) 400-36-94

E-mail: basan@inbox.ru


Operating hours

Daily from 9:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

50 rubles (a tour is included in the ticket price, master classes are negotiated separately)

The founder of the museum

Basan Alexandrovich Zakharov



About museum

The museum’s founder, Basan Zakharov, has been collecting various artifacts of the Kalmyk culture since the late 1990s.The collection, which was created over time, formed the basis of the exhibition that was opened in Elista in 2016. The idea attracted the visitors’ interest and they voluntarily wanted to add family items to the exhibition relics. This is how the “Unique Kalmykia” museum appeared.

This collection is the collection of ancient household items of nomadic culture, national clothing, musical instruments, folk games, and reconstructed ammunition and weapons of the Oirat warriors. There are also stands describing the spiritual values of Tengrism – the ancient philosophy of the Mongolian people.

The museum’s exhibition is supplemented annually. The Gallery of Spiritual Symbols of the Oirats, the latest project of the museum, is a collection of sacred symbols which attracts visitors of different nationalities and faiths.