Museum of Russian National Drinks

Ivanovo region

Contact information

Ivanovo region, Gavrilov Posad, Suzdal highway, 13


Phone: +7 (904) 657-57-37

Operating hours

daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Ticket price

Adults: 300 rubles.

Children: 100 rubles.

Guided tour: 1000 rubles.

Workshops: 3500 rubles.

When signing group service contracts, group fee applies.

The founder, owner, director of the museum

Igor Erikovich Kechter



About museum

I have been studying the history of beverages for more than thirty years. As it turned out, no museum in the world told and showed the history, the culture of drinking, qualities, and recipes of Russian national beverages. The idea of the museum belongs to Igor Erikovich Kechter. I came up with five common features of Russian national drinks; if a drink meets all five, it goes on the list. Today a total of 21 drinks are presented in the museum, 7 alcoholic and 14 non-alcoholic.

The collection consists of roughly ten thousand items (inventory process and object descriptions have not yet been finished). The collection includes items related to the production of beverages, the culture of drinking, recipes and techniques, the history of the city, and the building itself (it belonged to a core enterprise of the city): the building is 250 years old.