Kineshemsky felt boot Museum

Ivanovo region

Contact information

Ivanovo region, Kineshma, Lenina ul., building 20

Tel.: +7 (915) 819-23-21, +7 (910) 681-28-98


Operating hours

daily from 11:00 to 16:00

Ticket price

Children’s ticket – 70 rubles

Adult ticket – 100 rubles

Discounts apply for groups

The museum founder and owner

The Sokolov family (Valery, Irina, and their daughters, Svetlana and Lyubov)


Svetlana Valerevna Sokolova



About museum

The museum was created by the Sokolov family living in the glorious city of Kineshma. The head of the family is Valery, his wife is Irina, and they have two daughters, Svetlana and Lyubov. Valery and Irina have been manufacturing felt boots for more than 20 years. When the children were small, only simple felt boots in the family were made… But the daughters grew up over time and wanted to be different at school, so they began to embroider felt boots with beads, seed beads, ribbons, etc. At first it turned out modestly, and over time real masterpieces began to appear.

Over time, there were so many unusual felt boots in the Sokolov family that they no longer fit in one small room. The head of the family had to allocate a special room in the house. Friends, acquaintances and just strangers began to come to admire such a wonder. Based on this, they decided to move the museum and, with the help of the city and regional administrations, they successfully moved the museum to the city center so that everyone could visit it.

Currently, the museum consists of more than 200 exhibits, including old wool machines, tools for making felt boots, record holders, decorated felt boots, chess boots, various woolen products, felt boots of unusual shapes, a collection of miniature felt boots, and much more.

The smallest one:

To begin with, Valery made a pair of mini felt boots measuring only 5 cm in length of the foot but did not stop there.

Each time, the felt boots were getting smaller and smaller, and finally, the wool properties stopped Valery Leonidovich at the size of 0.6 cm. They applied for a record in the Russian record book; it was recognized and registered. However, Valery really wanted to become a champion of the Guinness Book of Records. Unfortunately, the foreign book refused to register the record due to the fact that they do not have a section on “felt boots” (felt boots are originally Russian shoes, and few people know about them abroad).

The largest one:

Some time later a new record was set.

This time a giant felt boot was made the size of an adult: height 168 cm, and foot length 110 cm. This exhibit was also registered in the Russian record book. A few years later, the Sokolov family made boots more than two meters high.