Decorative Glass and Painting Museum

Ivanovo region

Contact information

Ivanovo region, Ples Leo Tolstoy ul., building 17

Tel.: +7 (908) 563-48-45


Operating hours

by prior agreement on the phone

Ticket price

Excursion price – 100 rubles

Museum founder (owner / director)

Alexander Ivanovich Timofeev



About museum

I have a museum of one artist and that artist is me. This makes the museum a personal one. Here I have collected my works in different genres, made over more than 50 years of creativity: watercolors, paintings, stained glass, 3D compositions of colored glass and crystal, and compositions of flat colored glass in the author’s technique – on glazed ceramic tiles with firing.

When I started to rebuild the house, I already understood that I wanted to live in Ples. I needed to build a house-museum so I could relocate everything that was acquired during my long, creative life and that was stored in a workshop in Ivanovo. So, I have built a house with many windows (including stained glass), a lot of light, and walls for paintings. The house has several rooms where only works live, but in fact they are everywhere and, of course, not all are on display. Many are in the “storerooms”, many are not framed, but they can also be seen and, if you like, purchased.

I have a house museum in the sense that I live and work here along with my wife and my exhibits. Naturally, I show and tell everything. Therefore, the museum does not have a work schedule; all the visits are by agreement. You just need to call. I look forward to having those who are interested in my work visit me.

My project is not commercial or even artistic; I made a museum from the heart and for the soul to show how I live in a creative way.