DIAS Art-Gallery

Irkutsk region

Contact information

Operating hours

Mon – Sat: from 11:00 to 19:00

Sun: from 12:00 to 18:00

Ticket price

full – 100 rubles

discount – free

Master classes, excursions, concerts – from 100 rubles / person

Founder of the museum (owner / director)

Diana Anatolyevna Salatskaya



About museum

Collectors Diana Salatskaya and Robert Krzysztoforski collected the best works of local artists and sculptors. The gallery of contemporary art from classic to modern presents paintings and sculptures, tapestry paintings, as well as jewelry. There are also toys, the creators of which are craftswomen from the “Siberian Doll House”.

Dias Gallery is a modern enterprise in the field of art, operating in the tradition of the best domestic and world galleries. It presents a collection of paintings by Siberian artists from the late 20th century. In the collection of the gallery you can see the works of such masters as Urbanovsky A., Shobolov N., Pogrebnoy A., Lobareva V., Muravyov A., Eloyan S., Turunov E., and not only them. The gallery pays great attention to the beginner Siberian artists, whose works can also be found in the gallery’s collection.

The purpose of the gallery is to introduce citizens to art. Together with the leading art historians of the city, a large number of interesting programs and educational projects are being conducted. The gallery also holds various exhibitions (including visiting ones), participates in charity projects, and holds master classes with leading experts.

The gallery is doing great work to promote the work of the Siberian artists in Russia and abroad. Therefore, the exhibition activities of the gallery have long moved beyond the region. The works of Irkutsk residents have visited many exhibition venues in the world. In addition, the gallery considers it their task to improve the professional level of the artists. To accomplish this, for several years in a row the gallery has been organizing open airs, in which artists from Russia, Asian countries and Europe take part.

Currently, the gallery has more than 5,000 works and continues to replenish.