The Museum of Thimbles

Chelyabinsk region

Contact information

Ul. Kemerovskaya, building 3A, Kopeysk

Ul. Thimble lane, building 2, on site of the Kopeysk garment factory

Tel.: +7 (932) 239-77-77


Operating hours

Monday – Friday: from 9:00 to 16:30, but by prior call, excursions in the evening and on days off are possible

Ticket price

Visiting the museum as part of a group:

– up to 9 people – 130 rubles/person.,

– from 10 people – 90 rubles/person.,

Additional services:

– tour of the garment factory – 120 rubles/person,

– food (cupcakes or cookies, tea) – 150 rubles/person,

– masterclass (making paper daisies, paper cutting) – 150 rubles/person,

– food and masterclass – 190 rubles.

Founder of the museum (Owner/Director)

Vladimir Stanislavovich Malinovsky



About museum

The museum exhibits include the personal collection of the museum Director. In addition, there was a children’s competition of making thimbles, which received so many interesting copies that it was impossible not to show them to people. The showcases for these exhibits were purchased specifically for them.

In addition to the display of thimbles, the museum also holds exhibitions of paintings, photo exhibitions, exhibitions of wrappers, needlework, thematic seminars, festivals, and masterclasses.

The museum presents thimbles from almost all countries of the world. The exhibition, which is constantly being replenished, has more than 2,000 exhibits. The museum’s collection contains working and decorative thimbles, made of various materials: silicone, fabric, leather, ceramics, glass, beads, birch bark, deer antlers, mammoth tusks, and even dental cermets!

The museum will not leave anyone indifferent; it is interesting for both adults and children!