The House of Merchant Smirnov (The Dumpling Museum)

Chelyabinsk region

Contact information

Chelyabinsk Region, Miass, Sporta ul., building 4

Tel.: +7 (351) 357-90-30


Operating hours

10:00 – 21:00 without days off or lunch breaks

Ticket price

Excursions, master classes, performances from 150 to 500 rubles

Museum founder

Elena Nikolaevna Semenova



About museum

In 2014, a cultural heritage monument, the mansion of merchant Smirnov, was acquired at an auction. The house is about 200 years old. However, it could be called a house conditionally. It had no windows and instead of a roof, gloomy clouds hung over it and wind blew through rooms full of garbage. Now the merchant buildings of the 19th century complex, known as The House of Merchant Smirnov, is ready to offer you:

– Workshops on self-shaped dumplings: we shape them ourselves and eat them ourselves. Immerse yourself in the world of dumpling history, taste the widest variety of fillings, learn how to pinch and shape the dumplings from real professionals, and taste them.

– Public balls. Immerse yourself in the Russian ball atmosphere, learn to dance waltzes, counter-dances and the polka in good company.

– Lukomorie. See your children get acquainted with famous Russian fairy tales, visit the Baba-Yaga little izba, go into the Three bears house, and climb a Russian battle boat.

– Folk crafts and products of local production fair: pickles, preserves, herbal tea, handmade souvenirs.

– The Forge sports club. Made in the Russian strongmen sports halls tradition.

– The Pinocchio Children’s Theater will give your kids unforgettable emotions with its mini-performances and interactive programs that take place every Saturday and Sunday at 13:00.

– Craft workshops. Get acquainted with the lives of weavers and tailors, joiners and potters of the 19th century, plunge into the atmosphere of an art workshop and be sure to visit a creative master class on your favorite theme.