The Gardarika Historical Reconstruction Park

Chelyabinsk region

Contact information

Chelyabinsk Region, Sosnovsky District, near Birgilda Village

Tel.: +7 (919) 118-48-34, + 7 (919) 312-02-38


Operating hours

09:00 – 21:00, tours are guided by appointment only

Ticket price

Starting from 390 rubles

Founders of the museum

Aleksandr Anatolievich Belousov, Stanislav Aleksandrovich Belousov, and Pavel Aleksandrovich Belousov



About museum

Aleksandr Belousov thought up the concept of a museum-settlement, where the buildings and life of ancient Russia would be recreated, and invited his sons to bring it to life. Over time, the idea was born to create a whole park, which presents the main historical eras of our country: from the 9th century (formation of the Old Russian state) to the Great Patriotic War!

Each historical site is an entire world, as if pulled out of the past, with all its traditions and colors, crafts and agriculture, powerful ancient Russian heroes and soldiers of the Red Army, treacherous Khazars and fascist German invaders, and with refreshments from the oven following ancient recipes and strong front-line tea.

The main reason why we decided to run the museum is because the format of such a park, in our opinion, is one of the best for attracting children and youth to study the history and cultural traditions of our country.