The Experimentus Entertaining Science Museum

Chelyabinsk region

Contact information

Chelyabinsk, Almaz Trading city, Kopeyskoe Highway, building 64, 3rd floor

Tel.: +7 (351) 216-32-10, +7 (962) 48-53-210


Operating hours

Daily from 10:00 to 22:00

Ticket price

Adults – 400 rubles

Children, students, retirees (an excursion is included in the price) – 300 rubles

Show, master class – 300 rubles

Museum founder (owner)

Anton Vladislavovich Semenov



About museum

The Experimentus is the youngest and most amazing museum in Chelyabinsk, where all of the exhibits not only demonstrate physical, chemical, and natural phenomena, but also make them interesting and entertaining. In this museum, you can touch everything (and even should!). You can press all the buttons, twist all the cogs, and even participate in experiments themselves. But do not think that this is only interesting for schoolchildren. Children from three years old, students, schoolchildren and their parents, and even grandparents are among the visitors of the museum! The Experimentus Entertaining Science Museum has been entertaining its visitors from all over the world for six years now. Since its opening day (July 28, 2011), a lot of people have visited, including guests from the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, France, Israel, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria.

At the Experimentus Entertaining Science Museum, your hair will stand on end and lightning will strike from your hands. Any child can easily lift an adult up. You can try on someone else’s face, see a tornado, find yourself in a mirror, and much, much more.

You can draw a self-portrait, find out what the Bernoulli effect is, measure the temperature of an object at a distance, launch your own plane, and even construct a giant maze.