The Cossack Glory Museum

Chelyabinsk region

Contact information

Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsky prospekt, building 21

Operating hours

by prior agreement

Ticket price

100 rubles

The museum founder

Irina Viktorovna Smirnova



About museum

The Cossack Glory Museum was first opened in the famous Red barracks of our glorious automobile trade school. With the school leadership support in the form of Colonel Murog I. A., the museum exposition began its formation. Several expeditions in our region have allowed us to create an atmosphere of a warm and welcoming rural house. Soldiers arrive to the unit from all over the country, and everyone sees the hospitality and comfort of their home in our museum. According to the organizers, this is the basis for the very Russian spirit formation, because the homeland is not an abstract concept for every soldier. These are the people most dear to him: his family and friends, whom he must be able to protect. Cossacks of our region continue the traditions of upbringing their family, motherland defenders.

The Cossack Glory Museum has changed many places. Due to the care of our only philanthropist, general director of NG-Service LLC, hereditary Cossack Vladimir Ivanovich Mikhailov, it is now housed in a comfortable, spacious, and warm hall near the historical part of our city.

The exposition has grown; unique exhibits have appeared in it. The very idea of the museum is unique. It is alive, and we are the living exhibits in it. We serve as our old ancestors. Today we are busy with the spiritual and physical recovery of children and youth, and the revival of the good traditions of serving our country.

The museum works in close and very warm interaction with sponsored military units. They are always the first to lend their strong shoulders. With them we always feel very reliably protected.

The museum exposition is represented by the household items of the Cossacks of our region: they paint for us very vividly the life of a glorious warrior and a plowman. Making bricks from manure and clay, making minced meat and cabbage stuffing for pelmeni, cream, cabbage shredding, collecting honey; old things will tell you about everything. You can pick up the items and feel the warmth of a living person working with them.

I remember! I am proud! The Cossack memory wall will tell about the glorious military victories of the Cossacks, and about the traditions of the partnership. Tolerance and friendship of the peoples of our region is reflected in the Orenburg Cossack army. It has kept its traditions for four and a half centuries and takes pride in the fact that they, despite the terrible years of repression and rhetoric, are still alive.