“Dondi-Yurt” Museum

Chechen Republic

Contact information

Chechen Republic, Urus-Martan, ul. M. Merzoev, building 114

Tel.: +7 (928) 290-54-90

E-mail: dondi_urf@mail.ru

Operating hours

Without breaks and weekends

Ticket price

Adults – 500 rubles

Excursions – 350 rubles

Excursions in a group – 250 rubles

Masterclass – 1000 rubles

Founder of the museum

Adam Satuev



About museum

The “Dondi-Yurt” Museum is the first private historical and ethnographic open-air museum. This museum is located on the Western edge of the city of Urus-Martana. The founder of this museum, Adam Satuev, known in the past as a freestyle wrestler, created this complex with the aim to preserve the history of the Chechen Republic for future generations. In the “Dondi-Yurt” Museum visitors will learn more about the conditions the Chechen people lived in during different periods of their history.

On the territory of the complex there are old items, which were used in households, architectural structures in the national style, and many interesting exhibits related to the life of the Chechen people. The “Dondi-Yurt” Museum is open daily for its guests.