“Russian felt boots” Museum of the ethno-complex “Bryansk Farmstead”

Bryansk region

Contact information

Bryansk region, Unechsky district, Belogorsch village, Mglinskaya ul., building 61-a,

Tel.: +7 (930) 731-50-40,

E-mail: ox.qwerty1972@yandex.ru


Operating hours

Tue – Sun: 10:00 – 15:00

Mon: day off

Ticket price

admission to the museum is free;

excursion and a master class on felting souvenir felt boots – 150 rubles per person

The founder and owner of the museum

Timoshchenko Viktor Mikhailovich

The Museum Director

Uryanskaya Oksana Aleksandrovna



About museum

The creation of the Russian Felt Boots Museum was opened thanks to the Monument to Russian felt boots, erected on the Day of Partisans and Underground Workers in 2018 on the territory of the Bryansk Farmstead ethnocomplex. During the war years, many factories for felt boot production worked in many partisan detachments. These original Russian shoes during the years of the Great Patriotic War decided the fate of not only an individual soldier, but the entire battle.

The museum collection has 320 exhibits. These are objects of peasant life and work, tools and devices for felting wool and production of felt boots, and various models of felted shoes from the Yaroslavl and Kukmorsk factories, including those from the Pochepsky and Kirov masters of felt boots making.

For visitors, the museum hosts interactive excursions and workshops on felting souvenir whisper-boots made from the wool of sheep living here on the Bryansk Farmstead.