History Park “Belgorod Line”

Belgorod Oblast

Contact information

Belgorod district, Dragunskoe village, Kozhemyakina str., History Park “Belgorod Line”

Tel.: +7 (962) 309-55-50

E-mail: ratnik31@bk.ru


Operating hours

10:00 – 20:00 daily

Ticket price

Free admission into the park

Tour of the territory – 200 rubles

Interactive guided tour – 350 rubles

Interactive program “Recruits at the Belgorod line” — 1200 rubles

Quest program “Keys to the City” — 1000 rubles

Founder of the museum

Vladimir Mikhailovich Zhigalov

Owner of the museum

Belgorod regional public organization “Ratnik Historical Society”

Director of the museum

Ekaterina Vladimirovna Zimina



About museum

The idea of creating the History Park belongs to the Belgorod regional public organization “Ratnik Historical Society” and its chairman Vladimir Mikhailovich Zhigalov.

A few years ago, he chose the plot of land in the Dragunskoye village of the Belgorod region out of all possible sites for the future museum. It was a field on which an archaeological monument, an ancient defensive wall, was preserved. It was decided that the wall and the museum at its foot would serve as perfect guides to the 17th century.

The open-air museum BELGOROD LINE — MURAVSKY TRAIL, created as part of the Belgorod regional public organization “Ratnik Historical Society” project with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, became the first site of the future History Park.

The museum and recreational complex is located near the archaeological monument of the 17th century — the preserved section of the earth wall and the camp of the Belgorod Line. The museum mainly contains recreated fortifications of the 17th century, this allows not only to study history as a science of the past but also to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of that era, to become for a moment a fortress defender of the Belgorod Line. All the exhibits are interactive to some extent. There is no need to book your visit in advance or hire a guide since the high-speed internet is available throughout the entire territory. All exhibits are equipped with QR-codes that allow you to watch video excursions, use augmented reality and go on interactive quests. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the history of the 17th century — the time when the fortress cities of the Belgorod Line were built. If you are interested in the history of Russia and the Belgorod region and like lazy outdoor vacations, we are sure that the museum will become your favorite recreational spot.

Our museum is a generalized image of a typical 17th century fortress city of the Belgorod Defensive Line. Visitors can get a complete picture of the everyday life of Streltsy, cannoneers and Cossacks. All exhibits are interactive, including military and residential camps, shooting ranges and a watch post. You can try your hand at blacksmithing and carpentry, musket and cannon shooting. Each year the museum adds new exhibits and props to the collection. Recently, a yurt for hosting tea parties and workshops was built on the premises. A new watch tower, that will offer an incredible view of the surrounding lands, is coming soon.