The “Fire technician is always in service” museum


Contact information

Republic of Bashkortostan, The City of Ufa, Ul. 50 years of the USSR, 30/1

Tel: +7 (917) 755-88-23


Ticket price

Guided tour entrance ticket – free of charge (only charity help)

Museum founder (director / owner)

Nail Nagimovich Ilyasov



About museum

The objective of the museum’s activities is the storage, study and public presentation of Museum items and Museum collections relating to fire equipment and fire-technical weapons. At the first stage of the project, it is planned to organize a permanent exhibition of restored fire trucks – a kind of museum of the glory of firefighting service. The historical exhibition will be held outdoors and will present cars of domestic production, as well as trailer devices made for extinguishing fires.

Fire equipment is supposed to be placed for an unlimited period. Plans exist to add new exhibits to this exposition.

In the near future, it will be possible to create an alley in memory of firefighters who died when they performed their professional duty. In the cabin of the aircraft, plans are in place to install a flight simulator for extinguishing a virtual forest fire using the aircraft (departure, fire detection, water intake from an open reservoir, fire extinguishing with water, and return to the base). Plans are in place to install a modular building of the Museum, which will display fire-technical weapons of the past, interactive training on fire safety rules, and proper behavior in emergency situations.

On the territory of the square plans are in place to organize joint activities that cover the study of children in the city of Ufa. The Voluntary Society for Cooperation with the Army, Air Force and Navy, the Ministry of Extreme Situations, and the traffic police will join forces to contribute to these activities.

The main purpose of various training programs is to teach children traffic rules and regulations in order to reduce child injuries in accidents. Safety rules in case of fire will also be taught.