The Museum «Shonkor» named after Bobrov Andrei Mechertkenovich

Altai Republic

Contact information

Ul. Tsentralnaya, 11, Chagan Uzun village, Kosh-Agachsky district, the Republic of Altai

Tel.: +7 (913) 993-11-60


Ticket price

Adults – 100 rubles

Children under 18 years old – free

Founder of the museum

Undulganov Sudur Veniaminovich



About museum

The idea occurred to me and to my brother, Andrei Mechertkenovich, when we were in the taiga. First, we decided to sell souvenirs. Then we thought: why should not we found a museum for visitors to learn about the culture, customs and traditions? This way, people can understand the importance and significance of the environment and wild animals, and preserve the culture and native language for their descendants.

In the museum one can find antique saddles from the 20th century, tools of the Turkic warriors, national costumes and instruments (topshuur and Komus – the Jew’s harp). Also, we have paintings on stones of sacred wild animals, homemade petroglyphs, wooden dishware, a chest carved after the Greek epic, arrowheads, minerals, and stuffed animals.