The Museum of Antiquities of Zinaida Lopatina

Altai Republic

Contact information

St.Tsentralnaya, 38, Multa settlement, Ust-Koksinsky district, the Republic of Altai

Tel.: +7 (983) 329 – 70 – 18

Operating hours:

Without schedule, constantly operating, by appointment

Ticket price

Entrance ticket – 150 rubles

Director/Owner of the museum

Lopatina, Zinaida Afanasyevna



About museum

Because of the fact that history is often rewritten, it became clear that the real history has always been and is currently being created by ordinary citizens. I want to show how they really lived.

The collection includes 120 exhibits collected from family funds and fellow villagers’ artifacts. These are household items that recreate the interior of a wooden hut, instruments, and inventory of rural podvorye. The age range of the museum’s exhibits is from 50 to 250 years old.