The memorial House-Museum of Nicholas Roerich

Altai Republic

Contact information

Ul. Naberezhnaya, 20a, Ust-Koksinsky district, Altai Republic

Tel .: +7 (388-48) 2-43-36 (f.)


Operating hours

Daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Ticket price

200 Rubles – full ticket

50 Rubles – discounted ticket

Preschoolers – free of charge

Museum Owner

the Siberian Roerich Society

The founder of the museum

Natalia Dmitrievna Spirina (1911–2004)

Museum Director

Olga Andreevna Olkhovaya



About museum

In August 1926 the famous Central Asian expedition led by N. K. Roerich arrived in Altai. The travelers stopped at the old believer’s village named Verkuilen and stayed at V. S. Atamanova`s famous all-around house. There, intensive research work was carried out over two weeks. From that point on, this place has been and always will be associated with the name of the great humanist artist.

The house where the Roerichs lived was restored by the Siberian Roerich Society on the initiative of its leader, N. D. Spirina, who was a second generation student of Roerich. Back in 1987, S. N. Roerich in a conversation with N. D. Spirina said, «This house should be preserved. This is necessary for the entire region and the entire country.»

Now the memorial House-Museum of N. K. Roerich is a particularly significant monument to the history and culture of Altai. It has been visited by many famous public and cultural figures.

The exhibition includes: the reproductions of paintings by N. K. and S.N. Roerich, a photo exhibition, a map of the Central Asian expedition, and items belonging to the Roerich family, including expedition items. Old believers’ everyday lives are also represented: household items, old icons and books. Here you can also find out about the famous follower of N. K. Roerich, B. N. Abramov and N. D. Spirina.

On the second floor, in the upper room, where Nicholas Konstantinovich and his wife Elena Ivanovna lived, there is a special atmosphere that has been preserved since their stay here.

In the summer pavilion the organize changing exhibitions and the sale of souvenirs. Following Roerich’s idea of the need to learn art and crafts, SibRO created a workshop where children and adults can learn the art of Ural-Siberian wood painting.

The tour of the Museum is preceded by a small film from the studio of SibRO, which tells about the Roerich family.

In the bookstore you can buy books about the Roerich family and the culture of Altai, postcards, calendars, posters, and framed reproductions.

The Museum is a part of the cultural complex «The heritage of the Altai» named after N. K. and E. I. Roerichs (it includes a row of Verh – Uymon cultural organizations);