«The World of Stone» museum

Altai Region

Contact information

Ul.Polzunova, 39, Barnaul

Tel: +7 3852691470

E-mail: info@stonemir.ru

Operating hours

daily from 10 to 18

Ticket price

50 rubles for the entrance ticket

100 rubles for the Excursion

150-200 rubles for interactive tours, and masterclasses

Founder of the museum

Sergey Iosifovich Berger



About museum

«The World of Stone» Museum was established in 2010 in Barnaul and based on the private mineralogical collection of the Altai businessman Sergey Iosifovich Berger.

The exhibition includes more than 2,000 samples from different parts of the world. At the same time, the mineral resources of the Altai territory take a significant place in this museum.

The Museum has its own stone-cutting workshop, where the only folk masters of stone-cutting in the region create their masterpieces. Alexander Kulacki works in the technique of miniatures. Another folk master, Alexander Tetenov, works in the technique of volumetric plastics and is famous for his «Botanical» works.

As an official tour operator in Altai territory, the museum organizes tours that cover mineralogical and historical topics.