The Spirit of Time

Altai Region

Contact information

Altai Territory, Rodinskiy district, Shatalovka village

Tel.: +7 (923) 751-73-76


Operating hours

on request, holidays, weekends

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Founder, owner and director of the museum

Ganja Sergei Ivanovich



About museum

The author of the idea – Ganja Sergey Ivanovich. It all started with a pioneer badge, then a variety of items and different acessories appeared.

There are exhibitions, educational and patriotic activities, cultivation of civic position and love for the Motherland.

The museum’s collection is extensive: everyday life items, World War II, USSR, archaeology items, audio and video equipment from the USSR, etc. The most significant exhibits are stone arrowheads, cores, remains of pottery, a massive aluminium spoon from 1895-1915 found on the site of the monastery, a royal seal of the village headman from 1905, “Bogoslov”, a chest with embossing of the 33rd Siberian Rifle Regiment from 1889-1911, a meteorite from 2008.