The Museum of the Russian Alphabet and the History of Writing «The Word»

Altai Region

Contact information

Ul. Sadovaya, d. 37, bld. 1, the city of Belokurikha, Altai region

Tel : +7 (983) 354-96-23


Operating hours

daily from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Ticket price

100-700 rubles for excursions

150-550 rubles for master classes

The founder of the Museum

Andrey Vladimirovich Pokidaev



About museum

The Museum of the Russian Alphabet and the History of Writing «The Word”is (*do not use dashes in the middle of sentences. If you can replace with is/are, do this) the tourism cluster of the Belokurikha the two. (* I don’t understand this enough to be able to correct this. It is not correct)

This is a fascinating and informative interactive exhibition center which organizes leisure activities for adults and children.

The museum tours will spark your interest in the history of national writing, the Russian language, and the alphabet by acquainting you with interesting facts related to the appearance of alphabets in the history of the world in the process of the evolution of writing. This virtual journey is an immersion into various layers of the «Ribbon of Time», which reflects the evolution of writing from the subject, ornament, and drawing of the letter. This is an opportunity to study the origins of native speech and writing culture, its peculiarities and secrets. During the tour, a warm friendly atmosphere is created, drawing attention to what we can call the commonplace truths: native language, folk traditions, the warmth of the family hearth, and their great creative beginnings.

A visit to the museum gives the opportunity to understand the uniqueness and importance of the Russian alphabet, the Russian language and Russian culture. The Russian alphabet is revealed as the meaningful core, a matrix of personal and collective development, in which the historical aspect is particularly important, as an appeal to the wisdom of previous generations in order to actualize the way of thinking of Russian people.

Russian folklore is shown as the methodological canvas for the revelation of individual abilities, as an emotional component of the learning process through images, feelings, movements, crafts, and handicrafts, as the practical experience of their creation is used to get practical skills of using the alphabet through creative master-classes.

During this exciting journey, you will have an opportunity to:

– put petroglyphs on the stones yourself;

– feel like an ancient Sumer, who writes with sharp sticks on clay cakes;

– write your names with goose feathers in various languages of the world;

– print the first sheet of the primer from 1574 on the machine of the first printer, Ivan Fyodorov.

Nowadays, much is said about the revival of national values, patriotism, and respect for the heritage of our ancestors. The theme of the museum contains all of this.