The Mountain Pharmacy Pharmacy History Museum

Altai Region

Contact information

Barnaul, Polzunova ul., building 42

Tel.: +7 (385) 253-62-67


Operating hours

Museum, shop

Daily from 10:00 to 20:00


Daily from 12:00 to 24:00

Ticket price

An exciting theatrical tour and tastings held in «The Pharmacy of natural medicine from mountain plants «as well as interactive thematic programs and master classes.

Ticket prices range from 50 to 500 rubles.

The cost of participation in special events is additional.

The Owner and founder of the Museum

Mukhortov Sergey Alexeevich

The Director of the tourist center

Lonskaya Olga Vladimirovna



About museum

«The Pharmacy of natural medicine from mountain plants» is a federal monument of historical and architectural significance, and is a unique tourist site in the city of Barnaul. The building was constructed in the middle of the 18th century to accommodate the first pharmacy in Altai. Throughout its entire history it has been inextricably linked with pharmaceutical activities. From 2010-2012, the architectural monument was restored and transformed into a unique tourist site. The restoration was initiated by the scientific and production company named «The Altai bouquet», and headed by S. A. Mukhortov.

The official opening of the «The Pharmacy of natural medicine from mountain plants» tourist center took place in September 2012, but the «The Pharmacy of natural medicine from mountain plants» museum received its first visitors on the 19th of May within the framework of the international event «The Night of the museums».

Nowadays, in the tourist center there are several actively functioning parts:

The only Theater-Museum in Altai is located in «The Pharmacy of natural medicine from mountain plants» center. The Museum’s exposition consists of two sections. The Museum presents material that reveals the history of the city of Barnaul as a major industrial center of Russia and the reasons for the organization of the first pharmacy in Altai. The Siberian flora exhibits and exhibits devoted to the creation of «The Pharmacy of natural medicine from mountain plants» pharmacy garden, are presented. The visitors are told about the first doctors of the Altai region, who made a great contribution to the study of the Siberian flora. The Statistics on opening pharmacies in the district and the advertising of pharmacies and medications are shown with supporting materials and written sources. The pharmacy laboratory for the production of medications has been reconstructed. The Museum exhibition ends with a reconstruction of a 19th century pharmacy that sold medicines during that time period.

The exhibition hall of enterprises of the Altai biopharmaceutical cluster, where you can buy all the necessary presented Altai products for health and beauty;

The restoration of a Siberian kitchen, which allows all the guests to find themselves in the atmosphere of the 19th century, as well as assess the conditions of life for the famous residents of Barnaul at that time. The restaurant’s menu is varied. It includes Demidov`s Skoblyanka, dumplings with deer and grayling meat, Siberian pies, fruit drinks, berry tinctures, sbiten, and kvass. In the brick basement of the restaurant there is a specially equipped cellar, where barrels of various pickles are stored.