International Numismatic Club Museum


Contact information

Moscow, ul. Bolshoy Afanasyevsky lane, building 24

Tel: +7 (495) 637-94-26


Operating hours

Tuesday – Sunday

Ticket price

The cost of visiting (entrance ticket, tour, masterclass) – from 200 rubles

Founder of the museum

Vagit Usufovich Alekperov



About museum

“The museum is private, but at the same time publicly accessible. Numismatics tells us not only about coins and monetary systems of certain countries.

This is a discipline that also allows you to learn more about the history of states. I think it is important that not only the representatives of the professional community have access to such historical values, but also everyone who wants to”.

The foundation of the museum’s funds is the personal numismatic collection of the entrepreneur and philanthropist Vagit Alekperov, which contains about 5,000 coins. The collection, which was formed over a decade and a half, includes coins from various countries and eras.

Through its activities, the museum seeks to increase the interest in national history and contributes to the development and popularization of numismatics. The museum space hosts thematic exhibitions of both public and private collections, organizes conferences, contests of scientific articles, quizzes, and so on. While creating expositions, modern technologies are used, which allow you to learn more about the exhibits, using the information and reference system; the 3D-pyramid recreates three-dimensional images, and with the help of VR glasses, visitors can immerse themselves in a virtual world, where coins are presented in the context of historical events. For full immersion in the world of numismatics, quests have been created to help people develop their logical thinking skills, as well as to study history in an interesting and exciting way.

Main topics of the collection:

– gold and platinum coins of the Russian empire;

– coins of Ancient Greece;

– coins of Ancient Rome;

– coins of the Byzantine Empire;

– thalers;

– coins of the RSFSR, USSR;

– investment and commemorative coins of the Russian Federation;

– coins of foreign countries.